Drumming Bean | Funny Episodes | Mr Bean Official

Drumming Bean | Funny Episodes | Mr Bean Official

Keyboard Capers
When Mr Bean’s record of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 is broken, he decides to buy a new record until he sees a grand piano to which he wants to play it but it’s been sold to a short man. When it becomes out of tune, the man cancels the order and Bean buys it. When he plays it at home, it’s out of tune because Teddy is stuck to the piano strings but he can’t get the hang of it even when he calls the piano instructor (the short man from earlier). Afterwards, the instructor gets an idea of recording Beethoven’s symphony for Bean.

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Young Bean
When Mr. Bean steals a slice of Mrs. Wicket’s chocolate cake, he is forced to hide inside her attic where he finds items from his childhood. Feeling guilty for ruining Mrs. Wicket’s wedding by riding his go-kart resembling his Mini down the road when he was younger, he decides to return the slice of cake he stole but ends up getting caught by her.

Gadget Kid
At a science museum, Mr. Bean befriends a young Japanese tourist boy with lots of gadgets resulting in the two causing mischief for the museum guard.

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Chocks Away
After Teddy gets torn by a boy’s remote-controlled model airplane, Mr. Bean decides to get revenge by buying his own model plane. When a girl is about to buy the last plane in the shop’s stock Bean throws the girl’s doll and manages to buy the plane but he gets bumped by the guard and finds one part to be missing: the propeller. He goes back to the toy store only to be blocked by the guard but manages to fool him and retrieves the propeller. Bean then flies the plane with Teddy riding as pilot and manages to knock down the boy’s plane. The boy’s father then breaks Bean’s remote while the plane is still in flight, causing the plane to go out of sight. When the plane explodes, Bean is distraught he lost Teddy forever but fortunately Teddy is ejected and falls down his chimney.

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