[KENYA] Apparently, There Is A Shortage Of Tampons In The Country


Weka stock!

Are you aware that there is a significant of in at the moment? Nani hao wamekula pesa ya kuimport ?  Nordin Haji, please arrest them.

A huge number of Kenyan women on Twitter are complaining online that they cannot get tampons anywhere. , the shortage started a few months ago.

Several women are saying they haven’t been able to find the vital feminine hygiene product in shops and supermarkets from as early as October last year. Apparently, the few outlets that have tampons have increased the price.

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Here are some sampled tweets:

Huyu ametembea supermarket zote hajapata

Ni kubaya!

It’s serious.

Zimeenda wapi?

Bei imepanda.

Kina Nkirote watafanya aje sasa?

Serikali tafadhali!

Have you been able to find tampons? Let us know.

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