[KENYA] DP Ruto Must Stop 2022 politics, his allies should respect president Uhuru- Governor Waiguru

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women leaders in the country have vowed to support kenyatta and ODM leader Raila odinga in the building bridges initiative which was resulted by handshake on march 09 2018.

Led by Kirinyaga Anne , the women leaders under the” embrace movement” with a slogan of women building bridges initiative for said they will not allow another bloodshed in because of election.

#KENYA: Nothing To Celebrate Over Raila Ruto Agreement On Referendum, Nothing Wrong With Our Constitution. We Need Honest Leaders

the women further warned those who are conducting 2022 campaigns to as they were plunging the nation in a disatrous situation which would hurt the country adding that in every election or such situations, the women and children suffer most.

They warned those who were disrespecting the presidency that their days are numbered.

They vowed to have country walk on building bridges for women.

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