[KENYA] EXPERT COMMENT: Moses Kuria has a right to speak

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Many people around Kenyatta are not happy with Gatundu South because he has said what is in the minds of many. And in 2019, it will be an interesting political year.

Kuria exercised his political right. He understood the challenge of the Mt group. The enemy heard him , but it is time to respect the freedom of expression after Kenyans fought for pluralism for many years. Intimidation of Kuria and Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri must stop.

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We are going back to where we were in 1997, when Jogoo (Kanu) swallowed the current opposition leader Raila Odinga.

The President at that time, Daniel Moi, invited Raila to join Kanu as a Secretary General.

President Kenyatta’s handshake move and plan to work with Raila after the last polls caught Mt Kenya MPs off -guard.

Raila has been the punching bag in all political gatherings in Mt Kenya, but now, they must have a new narrative to remain politically relevant. Kuria’s new narrative is meant to push the agenda of the masses in Mt Kenya.

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Kuria is saying loudly what the people believe but have no forum nor the courage to say. He is using a development agenda to raise pertinent issues affecting the people of Mt Kenya, but in real sense, the discussion is about succession politics.

From his statement, he has come out clearly to state that Mt Kenya has relied on one of their own at the helm of power to develop their backyard.

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Unfortunately, right now, they feel vulnerable and exposed. They do not know what Uhuru is planning next in his succession plans. We can see what is happening in the Judiciary, he has changed the AG and restructured the police.

Those who relied on Kenyatta’s current team for protection are in trouble since they feel exposed. And it is clear that Kenyatta has kept his succession plans a closely guarded secret. The governors, senators, MPs and even MCAs have no idea what he is planning.

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The most interesting thing is that they spoke too soon. They should have waited for Kenyatta to implement his succession plans before their outbursts.

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