[KENYA] Hard Tackle! Akothee Responds To Broke Man Who Wants To Marry Her

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Huyo mse hajaambiwa poa!

We all know that is the queen of clapbacks and before you address her, it’s better to think twice. Sadly, it seems one guy didn’t get the memo.

A who happens to have a deep crush on the mother of five approached her on social media with a marriage proposal. He must have been expecting a ”yes” or “I will think about it” but that’s not what he got.

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Source: African Blitz

The guy by the name Odima was honest, telling Akothee he was but her that his love for her was ‘rich’. Hehe? Rich? Will they eat love?

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Akothee quickly clapped back in a way that left netizens amazed. You just have to see it for yourself. Poor Odima. Someone give him a handkerchief.

There is the clapback
akothee clapback

Source: Instagram/Akothee

Wow….that was wicked!

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