[KENYA] I’m not scared, Sonko says over ex CEC Ouko’s alleged dossier

Nairobi governor Mike has said he is not afraid of an by the former Education executive Janet Ouko.

Speaking on Friday in Mombasa, the governor dismissed the said dossier saying those are diversionary tactics.

“Those are the last kicks of a dying horse,” Sonko said.

The governor was responding to a story on the Star’s Corridors of Power segment that he had panicked following claims that Ouko was in possession of a damaging dossier against him.

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Ouko resigned on Tuesday due to personal reasons, but later said she had been working under intimidation and blackmail.

“Everyday you are being threatened to be fired, arrested or taken to court. I just couldn’t work under that kind of environment,” Ouko told the Star.

“The rest of the CECs are experiencing the same but are afraid”.

The governor has linked Ouko to the loss of Sh357 million meant for bursaries.

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The governor alleged that the colluded with other cartels to operate an illegal account where county funds were channelled through.

He said his dossier against the loss of the funds under Ouko’s watch are credible documents that can even be used by the EACC and the DCI.

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“I’m not going to engage myself in small fights with women. I really respect women,” Sonko said.

A source close to City Hall told Corridors that Sonko was afraid of Ouko’s activism capabilities. Sonko dismissed the notion.

“I hear she knows a lot about children’s rights, but the poor children in slums have failed to go to school because their money has ended up in the hands of private companies, thieves and conmen,” the governor said.

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“We must also address the problems of such people”.

Sonko urged female leaders not to intervene in the issue, maintaining that he is fighting corruption.

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