[KENYA] Naivasha mum exhumes daughter’s body, prays for resurrection

A woman was the talk of the town on Wednesday after seeking the services of two religious leaders to pray for the of her only daughter.

Residents of Karati village were left in shock following the unusual incident.

The woman whose one-year-old daughter died last month following an accident went to the burial site and started exhuming the accompanied by two pastors.

Villagers started gathering at the scene, but this did not deter the group.

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Once done, the woman, who was wailing uncontrollably, removed the body from the coffin and together with the clergymen began praying for her to ‘rise’ from the dead.

A resident alerted the chief, who arrested the woman, her sister and the two pastors.

Chief Samuel Ng’ang’a termed said the activity was illegal.

The body was taken to Naivasha Hospital mortuary.

“The woman is yet to come to terms with the loss of her daughter and some men who claim to be religious leaders have taken advantage of the situation,” Ng’ang’a said.

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Resident Peter Kimani said the woman was suffering from depression and needed counselling.

“These are some of the churches that are misleading their followers that they can raise someone who has died and this is totally wrong,” he said.

The woman hid her face but said she believed her daughter did not die and was ‘mistakenly’ buried.

She said her faith would bring her child back to life and wondered why the large crowd was watching instead of praying with her.

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“Stop asking me questions and instead join me at the grave as we pray for my daughter to wake up so that we go home together,” the woman said.

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