[KENYA] Night guard killed in Mandera town robbery

A was on Saturday morning and his counterpart seriously injured in a incident at a petrol station in .

The victim who was killed by robbers wielding crude weapons is said to have screamed during the 1 am robbery incident before one of the assailants hit him with a blunt object on the head.

Mandera OCPD Ezekiel Singo’ei said the robbers broke down three steel doors before accessing the safe containing Sh700, 000 daily sales of Takibir Petrol Station.

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The second guard was tied with ropes as the robbers broke down the safe before escaping on foot after the heist.

The guard who survived is being held at the Mandera police station and claimed the robbers wore police attire.

Mandera polytechnic is about 100 meters from the petrol station where the robbery took place and is being guarded by four national police reservists (NPR).

The chief’s office is also less than 100 meters away and is guarded by uniformed police at night.

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