[KENYA] These Celebrities Over 40 Shared Their Exercise Routines And It’s Simpler Than You Thought


One thing women cannot run away from is gravity, once you hit your 30s and have children your beautiful body starts a relationship with the floor.

Worry not though, if you are dedicated enough, you can reverse this process by getting your body in shape. With the right routine, you will be well on your way to a younger body and a younger heart. Don’t forget that heart disease can affect women at any age so this is not only about keeping your boobs perky.

That said, as you sit on your couch looking at these over 40 who look like they’re 20, have you ever wondered what it is they do to keep their bodies snatched like that? These celebs their secrets and maybe you can use a few of them:

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Angela Basset – 59 years old

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This 59-year-old is making us want to shed tears because we don’t even look this good at 30! her secrets for keeping in shape:

  • She says that being healthy helps her in life and with aging
  • Doing an hour of cardio on the treadmill and an hour of weight-lifting daily
  • Trying to exercise more often than not and working out with friends to keep each other accountable
  • She is a fan of the raw food diet
  • Having a zen view on life and putting importance on de-stressing
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Halle Berry –  51 years old

She is another celeb that makes us want to look good. After 2 kids she looks like she’s still a teenager. Her exercise routine:

  • Alternating between sprinting and running while on the treadmill
  • Does exercises that work several muscles groups at once
  • Dances regularly

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Jada Pinkett Smith – 46 years old

Her routine:

  • Favorite exercise is Yoga
  • Surf and Snowboard with family for fun
  • Limits gym time to less than 45 minutes
  • Diet includes protein-rich foods
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Gabrielle Union – 44 years old

Miss ‘Mary-Jane Paul’ is turning back the hands of time with her body. She shared her meals and simple workout routine:

  • Will work out whether she has only one minute or hours
  • Has a trainer who trains her in 90-minute intervals
  • Enjoys green juices
  • Says she frequently snacks on unsalted almonds to relieve hunger- she always has some in her bag!
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Michelle Obama – 53 years of age

The former first lady tries her best to stay in shape. Her routine:

  • Well-documented fitness routine herself
  • Does an hour and a half workout
  • Does at least 45-minute cardio workout

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We want to look good when we hit our 40s who wouldn’t?

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