[LIFESTYLE] 3 Delicious Vegan Ice creams You Should Try Out Soon!

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ice-cream recipe- Zumi

Source: Pinterest

Hi jua ni ya mvua!

It so damn hot these days fam . We need cream and If you have a bit of a sweet tooth and you’re trying to cut back on the calories, or the dairy you consume… (because who wants bad skin in 2019?), bananas are the unsung heroes you need.

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1. Basic ice cream

You literally just need a frozen banana. What a wonderful fruit. Truly.

3 Delicious Vegan Ice creams You Should Try Out Soon!


Here’s how: chop up a ripe banana and freeze in a zip lock bag or dish overnight, or until its frozen. When ready for your ice cream just throw the bananas in your blender and pulse until you get the smooth consistency of a soft-serve.

Image result for vegan banana ice cream


2. If you like pineapples

It looks like pineapples are in season this dry dreadful month!

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Here’s How: Freeze your pineapples with your banana and blend. Slowly add in coconut milk and desiccated coconut to finish the whole mood

Image result for pineapple ice cream


3. Berry blast

You must really have a sweet tooth to go for this. Yikes. Are you human? The best combination for this is any berry that you can find, frozen and pulsed together with your frozen banana.

Pro Tip: I find that strawberries cut through the sweetness of blueberries and blackberries so I like to mix those up

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Image result for vegan berry ice cream

4. Rocky road ice cream

We haven’t forgotten about the chocolate lovers in the house!

Here’s How: Blend your frozen banana with cocoa powder and a few nuts of your choice or peanut butter. Once done, mix in whole nuts and mini marshmallows, freeze again, and enjoy!

Image result for vegan rocky roadice cream


There you have it. 2019 is the year we start thinking about our health and how to look smoking hot in those outfits you don’t fit in anymore. Tell us which ice cream is your fave in the comments below.

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