[LIFESTYLE] 5 Crazy Things That Happen If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep!

Almost every one of us has been there, you barely closed an eye for some reason or maybe you couldn’t at all. Others complain that they only slept for a few hours, maybe even just one or two. Most people experience the negative effects of lack of already after just one-night tiredness. for example. However, this symptom is one of the worst that can to you by missing your precious hours of sleep.

Here are 5 things that happen if you don’t get enough sleep. If you want to know about these things then make sure to read the article till the end and don’t forget to share your views with us.
1. Brain Doesn’t Work Efficiently 

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Any chance you are sleeping less because you need more time to get certain things done? You may be disappointed. Sleep deprivation can make our brain much less efficient.

To put it in other words, regular naps can help your brain to remain effective and efficient. Just like a computer, you must quit now and then, and we must also allow the occasional night of sleep for our brain to regain the strength needed.

2. Dying Brain Cells 

All of the listed things in this countdown are worth worrying about in an everyday context, but even if you’re safely in your own room, surrounded with some healthy food and with a lack of high-risk business, you are still killing brain cells by doing just that.

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Studies with mice have shown that after a long period of no sleep, about 25% of the brain cells just stop working. And eventually, they die off. Other studies have shown that sleep deprivation reduces the integrity of the white part of your brains. It will not be immediately fatal, but it’s certainly not healthy at all!

3. Lack Of Attention
Do not underestimate a regular person. Humans in an awake state are very good at paying attention and being alert about his or hers surroundings. We can perceive, feel or hear the smallest movements when we want to. A decent lack of sleep, however, can ruin all those ‘super’-powers.
Lack of sleep makes us more or less deaf, silly and blind for things happening around us. Not literally, of course, you still see those things, but you barely notice them. You are literally unable to concentrate or to focus your attention on what you truly want.

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4. Accidents

No, lack of sleep does not always lead directly to you crashing your car, especially if the person that’s lacking sleep is not driving the car himself. But what does happen is that too little sleep can build up over a longer period of time and can appear at times when you can least afford it.

For example, when you drive your car on the highway. Research has shown that drivers who have a lack of sleep have a good perception of the risks they take, but in fact, it is more dangerous to drive with the lack of sleep than when you ‘re drunk!

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5. Bad Planning

After about 36 hours of no sleep, your ability to plan and coordinate your time and actions will be totally off track. Tests have shown that a major part of your brain, the part that takes care of the scheduling of operations to start and stop, simply stops working, already after a few days of sleep deprivation.

That’s why people with sleep deprivation easily remain in a circle of certain behavior, and keep repeating the same act, or continue to walk around in a cloud of doubt, rather than making decisions.

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Originally Authored By: Tracy Cullen


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