[LIFESTYLE] 5 New Year Resolution Every 20-something Should Have

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Because time is fleeting.

We,the twenty something old,refer to this glorious phase as our selfish years.The years you get cultivate the life you want to live,where we party hard till our pants drop, where we date all the guys(the good and the bad) etc.Many are the times that we get lost in the hype and forget other important factors that we need to have too.It’s not always about the fun and the raving but it should have so much more.These are literally the preparation years for the life ahead that’s to come.As much as we should have fun,we should also sets some realistic and achievable goals that will help us in the future.

1.Get offline

We miss so much by sticking our heads into our phones and sooner than we notice it ,life passes by and we get lost in the rush of life and eventually forget to appreciate the little things.We should get out heads our of our phones and strive to make memories everyday.

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2.Join an organization,club or community work

Find your passion and make it one of your day to day priorities.once you interact with people who are like minded you’ll grow and thrive.Also helping out in activities in the community will give you a sense of purpose.

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With whatever profession you are indulging in,you should strive to make healthy connections with people in the line of your work.This will benefit you highly when you need that favour. A friendly familiar face will go far than a stranger’s plea.

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4.Indulge wisely

Yes,you love having fun and enjoying the finer things in life.But do it responsibly so that you can have some to save or some extra cash to spend on something more useful.

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5.Oh and yes, get a pet!

You won’t regret it.This might not come off as a but how about we make 2019 greater by getting yourself a cute little pet to be your companion.It will go a huge way in curbing your lonely nights too!

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There’s more to it  for example:taking time to relax,finding the love of your life and the like.Have your fun while keeping your future in mind.

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