[LIFESTYLE] 6 Things You’re Doing That Can Cause Premature Labour

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Source: The New York Times

Did you know that you can actually cause ?

From the time you’re pregnant your whole needs to change to ensure that everything goes well. Sometimes you do everything right and some unfortunate things may happen. However, what if you’re not even trying? You have your estimated due date but at the same time your baby may come earlier than expected which is not the best surprise especially if you were not ready. So what may cause this?

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1. Drinking, smoking and other bad habits

This is rather obvious and one of the things you should definitely stay away from. The harmful toxins in these drugs get through the placenta and prevent the baby from getting oxygen and nutrients. Without the nutrients then the baby may be born prematurely or you may even suffer a miscarriage.

preterm labour

Image : WTOP.com

2. Weight problems

Whether you are underweight or overweight it is a problem. If you are overweight you are told to try and maintain a healthy weight and if you are underweight you are told to try and add a bit of weight. If you don’t do this , you are at risk of giving birth early.

pregnant woman

Image: Daily Mail

3. An unhealthy diet

You do know that you need to eat and think of how what you’re eating will help the baby? There are also vitamins you are required to take all through your pregnancy. Folic acid, Vitamin C and omega 3 are just a few of them.  Omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish such as salmon) are essential to fetal brain development. Folic acid helps prevent neural tube defects. Calcium and vitamin C are thought to help prevent preterm labor. Healthy sources of calcium, like skim milk and yogurt, can help build strong baby bones. Vitamin C found in citrus fruits and juices, helps your body produce your baby’s connective tissue.

mum body, beyonce

Source: Instagram/Beyonce

4. STDS and infections

When an infection is not treated these infections cause inflammation which then releases prostaglandins – the same hormone that stimulates labor when it’s time to give birth.

reasons your vagina is burning

Image: women’s health

5. Not taking care of your teeth

You are at a higher risk of a gum infection when you’re pregnant. Doctors think that the bacteria that causes inflammation in the gums can travel into a pregnant woman’s bloodstream, reach the baby, and cause early labor. Another theory is that the bacteria can trigger the immune system to produce inflammation in the cervix and uterus, thus initiating premature labor. You need to brush your teeth and take care of your gums.

Source: Getty Images

6. Having an uncontrolled illness

Like gestational diabetes can put you at risk for preterm labour. Other health complications like high blood pressure can put you at risk of getting into labour.

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Pregnancy is not an easy state of mind or an easy time. There are so many things you need to figure out and at the same time still do a million other things. Take care of yourself, eat well and keep stress far away from you.

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