[LIFESTYLE] 7 Shopping Tricks For Nairobians That Will Save You A Lot Of Money

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After this article, you will definitely be a better shopper.

To most ladies, is done for fun. To others, a necessity. But all of us have experienced the frustration when your wallet is completely empty at the end of a day’s . Some fashion stores are over priced and there is no shame in wanting value for your hard earned .

These are some shopping techniques that would help you and your friends buy more for less. Who wouldn’t want that?
1. Take advantage of sales

Mr Price has so many trendy pieces that we eye all year round but buying them would be a little bit pricey. The best thing to do is to wait for a public holiday and pass by the Sarit Centre. They usually have stacks of clothes going at Ksh 200 – Ksh 1000. Follow your favorite store on social media to get notifications when they have a sale.

Zumi Shopping

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 2. Be social

Most Kenyan stores sell similar products. So, having a few options helps to compare prices giving you higher purchasing power. A good place to get information is WhatsApp groups. Yes! WhatsApp groups can be annoying but you need to utilize your networks to find good deals.

Zumi Shopping

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3. Bring out the actress in you.

If you have gone to Moi Avenue, Eastleigh or Jamia Mall to shop, then you must know this trick already. The sales people always have a crazy amount added to the actual price. You need to remember that the first price is usually a higher so do not feel shy negotiating. If the outfit goes for Ksh 3,000 start at 1,000 and see how low they can go.

Zumi Shopping

Source: Jugem

4. Dress down

When you are going shopping, put on a simple outfit. Jeans and a casual t-shirt would be perfect for a shopping day with the girls. This helps reduce the expectation of the sales person. In marketing, perception and body language is all you need to determine if a customer would make a purchase.

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5. Be friendly.

Find something to talk about when you are trying on the clothes or looking through the stock. A good topic would be about men, celebrities or just the weather. A feeling of familiarity would soften anyone’s heart. Once they warm up to you, giving a “sister” a good deal will be a no brainer for them.

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Zumi Shopping

6. Buy many items at once.

Instead of shopping for a few items every month, prepare a budget and go shopping for a lot of pieces every few months. The salespeople are willing to give you a huge discount if you spent more in their store.

Zumi Shopping

Source: Houston

7. The More Down Town You Go The Cheaper Things Are.

Downtown Nairobi starts from Moi Avenue, Tom Mboya, River Road and Beyond. Most new items sold on the other streets in CBD Nairobi are basically bought from downtown or Eastleigh. When you decide to go for a “deal hunt” dress down, leave your expensive jewelry at home and walk around with very little money.

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Which are the and tips do you use? Joanna Kinuthia bought clothes online and the pics were awesome!



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Originally Authored By: Reina Kimeu

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