[LIFESTYLE] A Blessing In Disguise?Why January Is The Best Time To Look For A Job

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Njaanuary might be your saviour.

The month of 60 days is here and you can feel the fear and tension in the air.Some of us drunk half of our December pay, some of us all of it .Others are in desperate search for a whether it’s for a change or maybe you have been tarmacking for so long and you want to finally settle down.I’m sure when we crossed over to this year,you probably said  those words of self affirmation to yourself “This is my year,2019 is my year”. But with all that this year comes with you feel like you probably should have added that it would be your year after February. We get it, it’s hard out here.But shock on us when we actually realized that this is the perfect to look for that ‘jobo’ that you crave so much.

Here is why:

1. This is when most of the top people are around

This is the time of year when the greatest number of decision-makers are in the office together, so you can get a “Yes” much faster and start that new job you want!

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2. The hiring budgets might favour you

Companies usually get their new hiring budgets for the year in , and a lot of the hiring activity that was delayed in November and December can now move forward.So they’ll have a backlog of jobs that need to be filled, and you can come in and fill it!

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3. You can fill up the empty spots

Also, employees may retire or leave positions at the end of the year, and their replacements will be hired at this time. However,  competition for jobs is greater in January as all those job seekers flood the market. That sense of starting fresh that the new year inspires prompts job seekers to get motivated during the first month of the year.

So ladies, go ye forth and conquer those open slots with all the confidence you can muster. Cheers.

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