[LIFESTYLE] How To Throw Your Man A Surprise Birthday Party


The ultimate guide.

First of all, I must say, let us not be the cliché women who buy their men wallets and belts when it’s time for our boyfriend’s . I think we can all agree it’s time to upgrade and so this time we’ll show you how you can your bae the ultimate party. But before that consider whether your is the social surprise type. We don’t want to share your low key Boyfriend away. There are alternatives, sweeter and more thoughtful to your reserved . For the ones who are sure their men would absolutely flip when they see the surprise you’ve planned, here are the tips you need to have:

1. Keep it on the down low

Don’t mention it and more importantly don’t act differently lest he becomes suspicious. If he finds out, it will ruin the party altogether. Keep the excitement to yourself and to the people helping you plan. Also, make sure that they are careful not to blurt it out when he’s around. The necessary plannings should also be done in a place where he can’t find a trail. Invite people traditional if you can but he mustn’t find out.

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2. Find a theme

He’s your man right? So you probably know what he’s crazy about. Is it comic books? Art? Or wrestling? Or is it football? Whatever his guilty pleasure is will help you bag the theme for the day. If you can make your guests come costume dressing. This would surely be unforgettable. If you are just at the start of a relationship you can innocently what he likes and boom.Jackpot!

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3.Plan for everything

From what your boyfriend is going to where, to the meals and the parking spots. Make sure you have everything under wraps so that you don’t end up running up and down when the day comes. You can incorporate games, music, on the cake and everything else pertaining to the party.

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4. Ask him out

Send a cute text or email asking him to spare some time that night to celebrate the birthday with you. Don’t sound too eager or you’ll jinx it. In another sense, you can also act disinterested and pretend to have forgotten his birthday.

At the end of the night give him some bonus gifts to make him light up like a little kid inside. Or you, my lady, could decide to be the grand finale of the night.

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