[LIFESTYLE] #SingleMumChronicles: Testimonials From Kenyan Men On Why They Opt To Date Single Mums!

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What powers do moms possess?

The dating scene is ever entertaining with tales of endless stories that either shock you or leave you laughing to tears. This weekend we got to ease drop on a group of gents talking about their un-biological baby mamas. Brace yourselves, here’s what they shared.

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These single girls have drama from here to Timbuktu, constantly hitting your DM’s and asking silly questions. That all stopped when my pal suggested I try dating single mothers. I wasn’t for it at first but I just decided, what the heck! Interestingly, I’ve never looked back and its such a relief. There’s no drama! pettiness! single mothers are too busy being mothers, managing their careers and very straightforward. I find single mothers to be interesting because at times I have to check in with them otherwise they are too busy doing their thing. Now the majority of I know are moving towards my direction. 


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For me, it’s just one thing. Sex! Single mamas are the safest bunch to have sex with because they are aware of their priorities, so because of that, they are safer to indulge without stress. And they are better at love-making because they know how to satisfy their man proper, they will even feed you a meal that will take you back to your childhood days. So that’s me and I have no apologies for it. 


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You don’t need a fertility test when you’re dating single mothers, You don’t have to imagine how she’ll be as a mother because you’re already seeing how she is with her kids. I’m more likely to marry a single mother for these reasons and more. But everyone has their own preference.

So we wonder, should single mothers be on the lookout for such men or just play along? Motherless women also offer you the whole package, so we don’t quite understand their reasonings. It is what it is. Just don’t go looking fatherless babies to join the market.

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