[LIFESTYLE] Step Up Your Casual Style With These IdeasZUMI

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Jeans Outfit

You already know about jeans and their abilities so we are going to save you all that talk. What we won’t be holding back on, however, is showing you how to up your jeans outfit from to effortlessly chic!

Jeans are linked to casual styles no doubt but there are a few accessories you can add to your outfit to jazz it up. Think heels, blazers, shirts, belts, purses, and bags. When you are done putting your jeans outfit together, you’ll be pleased with the results. To get started, check out not-in-the-least-boring inspirations we found!

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Jeans & Heels
Jeans Outfit

(Photo: Instagram / Jtofashion)

Pairing any outfit with heels will give it a nice outlook and that applies with this styling as well. Did we mention that all the outfits we will be sharing have been fired up with heels? Well, yeah! From heeled sandals to court shoes, everything in the book works!

Jeans & Blazer Combo
Jeans Outfit

(Photo: Instagram / Itsmaryamsalam)

We don’t think there’s a staple that speaks the workwear language more than blazers. If there is, we haven’t found it yet! Pairing them with jeans will totally shake off the casual vibe to your outfit. You can either layer up or rock the blazer alone by cinching the waist with a belt; either way, you get a winning look!

Jeans Outfit

(Photo: Instagram / Picktcha_purfekt)

Jeans & Shirt Combo
Jeans Outfit

(Photo: Instagram / T2pitchy)

Apart from formal shirts, loose fit shirts with vintage prints can also get your outfit from 0-100 but we suggest pairing them with pumps. But if heeled sandals are your option for the day, you could take a switch and pair them with normal long sleeve shirts.

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Jeans & Crop Top Combo
Jeans Outfit

(Photo: Instagram / Debbs_bjuku)

We all know crop tops can come in different styles just like any other top. A silk crop top with a knot in front and puffy sleeves like the one above paired with embellished jeans and pumps will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

If you need more tips on how to style denim pieces, check out how to wear denim on denim here!

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Featured image via Itsmaryamsalam, Debbs_bjuku, Piktcha_purfekt



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