[LIFESTYLE] Testimonial: I Like Watching My Boyfriend Getting Intimate With Other Women


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I like my getting with other .

Yes, you read that correctly. People always say that there are different strokes for different souls and while that may be true some seem a bit extreme. For example, Natasha(not her real name) likes watching her boyfriend having sex with other women. Yes, she loves him but it turns her on. As she told me the story I tried to hide the shock on my face because after all, it’s rude to stare. So, how does it work?

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It started when I found out he was cheating. At first the thought of him sleeping with another woman literally made me feel sick to my stomach. I used to go through his phone and find all these random sext messages between him and his side chicks, there were two. I never told him that I saw his sext messages but I kept quiet instead. Soon enough, my anger turned into something lustful. My coping mechanism for his cheating would be imagining him with those girls. I thought there was something very twisted about me. I searched on Google and found out it was known as voyeurism. I expressed to him my desire to watch him having sex with a woman of his choice and he chose the one he was cheating on me with. She wasn’t prettier than me so it made me feel a bit better but I agreed to let her be part of our sex life. I think it made me feel less betrayed because now I could watch and while they were doing it I would be touching myself. It’s really odd, don’t you think? 

She asked me what I thought.

I am a blunt person by nature so I was quite frank. It is twisted and sad that a relationship can give you such an odd coping mechanism. Compromising so much just so you could keep him is definitely ridiculous. It’s a toxic situation because when you started dating you wanted a monogamous relationship now this man will never be afraid of hurting you because you will always have room for it.

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