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Because the economy is not as good we need to when using .

We are all tempted to use cabs on a daily basis especially when it starts raining or when we are not in the mood of sitting in a noisy matatu after a long day at work. An environmentally friendly daily commute would be much better is matatus were clean, well driven and the roads were smooth and well planned. The taxi business has helped us get from A-B without having to pay an arm and leg. Taxify and Uber are always in a pricing war and we are here for it because we are the ones who benefit from it!

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Before there was Taxify or Uber taxis were too expensive and anywhere at night would have to be planned for weeks in advance. Thank God, we do not have to worry about that anymore.

Here are the tricks to save when using Taxify.
Use the Taxify Go option.

The Taxify Go option is usually their version of Uber Chap Chap. The rates are lower than the normal Taxify option. The Taxify Go option is usually placed after the Boda Boda option.

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Check the trip summary before the driver ends the trip.

I have noticed that some trips usually include parking fee if you use a route that passes outside a shopping mall. If you are paying cash, have a look at the amount charged for parking and deduct it from the cash you will pay.

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Pay for the trip using a card.

There are many benefits to linking your card to Taxify. They usually give many discounts to customers who pay via card. There are 65% off rates for card users.

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What other tricks have you learned when using Taxify? Here are gifts a new mum will totally appreciate.



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