Pretend Racing | Funny Episodes | Mr Bean Official

Pretend Racing | Funny Episodes | Mr Bean Official

All You Can Eat
Irma is coming for dinner but Mr. Bean has forgotten about it and doesn’t have anything to cook. He goes to the supermarket (from “Super Trolley”) where he finds that there is a pie-eating contest in which whoever can eat a whole pie more quickly than the maker of the pies will win his shopping for free. After several failed attempts to win, Bean eventually wins by sneakily adding strong chili sauce to the maker’s pie. When Bean returns home, Irma is furious with him for taking so long.

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Viral Bean
At the library, Mr. Bean reads his book but gets interrupted by too much noise. When he notices a video in the library computer he gets an idea of making his own viral video. His first attempts fail (when the video hits only the small views) but while attempting the second the librarian kicks Bean out of the library and he hits a nearby post to which the computer inadvertently records the incident, making him viral. After struggling to avoid the group of paparazzi, it turns out to be just a nightmare to which Bean wakes up in front of the computer showing his video of the first attempt. Bean then deletes it and happily goes home only to accidentally hit the post again, making a nearby garbage collector (the same person in Bean’s dream) laugh at him.

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Rat Trap
Mr Bean has to deal with an unwanted house guest but the stubborn rat refuses to leave. His only idea to get rid of the rat is to do like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, but is then surrounded and pursued by a herd of rats.

Caring Bean
When Mrs Wicket is accidentally disabled by Mr Bean’s toy car, Bean takes care of her but it only messes him up when Mrs. Wicket calls him by ringing the bell unexpectedly. When Scrapper messes up Bean’s kitchen, he becomes a slave to her until he gets fed up with this. While Mrs Wicket is asleep, Bean puts his toy cars under her chair, controls it and Mrs. Wicket ends up trapped in the shed.

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