[SCIENCES] Seven Unbelievable Ways You Never Knew You Could Use Deodorant

You have probably heard countless times why you should wear but do you know that it packs more than just a fresh scentโ€”did you know it can even prevent blisters from forming? Read on to know more surprising uses of deodorants.

Keep Your Feet Odour-Free
To keep those annoying odours from your feet at bay, apply a thin layer of clear deodorant to the bottoms of your feet before you go to bed at night for wetness and odour protection that lasts through the next day.

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Slip Into Jeans
Rub along your legs to easily slide into a tight pair of skinny jeans or your favourite fitted leather skirt. This will help you avoid chafing and bruising.

Silence a Squeaky Door
You can use deodorant to stop the annoying noise that comes from a Squeaky Door. All you need to do is rub some onto the hinges to stop irritating sounds.

Soothe Bug Bites
When you get to that time of the year when mosquitoes, insects and various other bugs are on the prowl, a good way to get relief from their bites is to swipe onto a mosquito bite. The aluminum salts in the deodorant help stop pain and swelling; and also reduce itching.

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Prevent Blisters
Slide the gel variety of deodorants around the sides and tops of clean, dry feet before slipping on a new pair of shoes. The deodorant lubricates problem areas to reduce rubbing.

Freshen Your Closet
Uncap your favourite scented variety of deodorant and place it in the corner of your closet for a powerful potpourri that will have your wardrobe smelling clean, fresh and enticing.

Create Matte Cosmetics
To employ the sweet smelling fragrance to make cosmetics, using your finger, dab deodorant under the eyes and along the T-zone before applying makeup. This will help you solve the problem of shiny skin and also enhance your makeup.

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