[SOUTHAFRICA] Eskom keeps Stage 2 in place for Friday 7 December

2 load shedding will continue on 7 , despite earlier assurances of stability tabled by .

The national power supplier is still nowhere nearer to resolving its disastrous power shortage problem. As a result, South African’s will be entering yet another weekend under the looming promise of further load shedding.

Eskom’s vast operational inefficiencies were laid bare during a press conference on Thursday. Headed by Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan, the briefing revealed some harsh truths about the state owned enterprise and it’s daunting December prospects.

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Gordhan promises to fix Eskom

Gordhan spoke with fervent passion at Eskom’s Megawatt Park headquarters – bellowing sympathy for South Africans embattled by the power utility’s incompetence. The Public Enterprises minister started his address by apologising, unreservedly, for the inconvenience caused to citizens and for the company’s subsequent failure to communicate, saying:

“We must apologise that Eskom does not communicate effectively. Sending out a tweet is not how it’s done and hopefully as of next week it will get better. Not only does [load shedding] irritate citizens, itcreates uncertainty in the economy.”

Gordhan, who was flanked by Eskom chairman Jabu Mabuza, confirmed that emergency procedures had already been put in to deal with the disruptive issue of load shedding. These revised protocols are intended to mitigate electricity cuts and restore full operational stability before Christmas.

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As a first step in the undeniably long road to recovery, senior Eskom executives and plant managers will not be afforded leave over the festive period. Gordhan announced this nullification, stating that at this critical stage, all hands were needed, saying:

“All senior managers of Eskom have been asked to cancel their leave. We are going to try our best to get to a place where load shedding disappears before Christmas.”

Eskom load shedding: Stage 2, Friday 7 December

While Gordhan’s promises offer a glimpse of hope in the near future, South Africans will still have to endure another weekend of rotational load shedding. Eskom temporary terminated stage 2 load shedding on Thursday night, but warned that Friday would see the reimplementation of scheduled disruptions.

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Again, through Twitter, Eskom announced that the probability of Stage 2 load shedding for Friday 7 December remained high. It’s likely that these disruptions will continue well into the weekend.

Stage 2 load shedding allows for up to 2000 MW of the national load to be shed and can last for up to five hours at a time. To find out if your area will be affected by load shedding, visit Eskom’s online portal here: www.loadshedding.eskom.co.za.

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