Taking Drugs With Cold Water, Is It Right or Wrong

There’s this controversy whether taking drugs with cold water is right or otherwise. Some believe that it is very wrong while others stand for the fact that water is water and as thus doesn’t matter.

Now before we tell you our own view to whether taking pills with cold water is right or wrong, let’s take a brief look at the dangers of cold/ice water in the body.


What do we refer to as shock in this case? Now, the body operates on an average temperature of 37°C, when you take cold water it reduces this temperature, and that sudden change in the normal body temperature leads to a shock which can result in lose of consciousness.

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By constipation I mean having difficulty when you want to ‘go’. Cold water makes food materials solidifies and harden as they passes through body, it causes contraction of the intestines which makes it difficult for the waste to pass out freely. So you’ll need to push as in ‘child delivering’ 😂 just to egest.


Cold water saps a lot of energy. I can hear somebody asking me how.
OK Now, though cold water refreshes and stimulate the body especially in hot weather, it’s temporary and will definitely drain your energy in the long run because, extra energy is needed to warm up the water you drank and bring it to it optimal average temperature (37°C).


When you drink cold water, there’s a sudden change in your body temperature, – as mentioned in the first point above – and the vagus nerve is affected by this sudden change, as emergency measure it slows down heart rate until your body gets to normal temperature again.


Cold things like ice cream, cold water etc causes what we refer to as ‘brain freeze’ which chills many sensitive nerves in the spine, and they relay impulse to the brain which in turn causes headache.

cold water



Cold water lowers the rate of digestive and in general slows down all body systems and organs, so any drug(s) taken with cold water remain impotent and inactive due to the hibernation in the systems and organs caused by the cold water.

So it’s always advisable to go for water at room temperature.

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