[ZAMBIA] Mwaanga, Mbula call for end to political violence and tribalism

Vernon Mwaanga

Veteran politician and founding father Vernon Mwaanga and former Secretary to the Cabinet Leslie have stated that the leadership is key to addressing and regional voting in the country.

Mr Mwaanga said both the ruling and opposition leadership need to prioritize the fight against political violence by preaching peace to their members and the country at large.

He said the fight against violence , tribalism and regional voting can be can curbed through what he termed as equitable geographical distribution of appointments in the civil service, diplomatic service, parastatals and cabinet.

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Mr Mwaanga also submitted that the appointment for nominated Members of Parliament be increased to 10 from the current 8.

He justified his submission by saying that 10 will allow chance for the President to nominate people from areas he feels have not been represented equally in key decision making positions.

And Ambassador Mbula says civil servants should at no point get involved in politics as government is not a political party.

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He said the civil service should work professionally and not engage in politics.

The former Secretary to the Cabinet further said leaders have a key role to play in uniting the country through dialogue.

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